Hot Shot's will open again on Sunday 25th of March 2012 and will be open every night starting from 8 pm (might be open earlier also...) !!!

Welcome !!!


Welcome to Hot Shot's bar!

  Hot Shot's is an international music bar in the village of Gerani in Crete.

Bar's customers are naturally mostly tourists mainly from Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. But of course we get customers from other countries too and also locals visit us.

Besides drinks, music and dance you can find also karaoke in Hot Shot's! We have about 1500 songs in 6 different languages.

We also show sports from our screen whenever it's possible. Because of our channel selection they are mostly sports that interest Finns; ice hockey, rally driving, Formula 1 etc.

You may have visited our bar before when we were located in Agia Marina.

Now we have moved and want to warmly welcome all our former customers and of course all the new customers to Hot Shot's bar!